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Rhodium and silver are two silver-hued metals with very different features. While silver can serve as a jewelry metal on its own, rhodium is used in jewelry as plating. Sometimes, sterling silver is plated with rhodium to enhance its durability and impression. Our designs are made with love and every piece is specially selected to enhance your beauty and elegance.

Why Should You Order Rhodium Plated Silver Bracelet by Tiye Jewelry

Rhodium is the most costly metal on the planet, even more so than gold or platinum, and is quite rare. It is hypoallergenic, extremely glossy, resists corrosion, and is highly long-lasting. All these qualities make rhodium perfect for accessories, but due to the hardness of the metal, as well as the unreasonable cost, it cannot be used in its pure form to make accessories. The only form rhodium is used in accessories is to plate other metals such as platinum, brass, gold, and silver.

Silver is the least costly of the precious metals and has been used in pieces of jewelry since ancient times. Because pure silver is very soft, it is usually alloyed with other metals to make it more powerful, which then becomes sterling silver. Unlike white gold, it is not necessary to plate sterling silver to gain a white color as white is silver’s natural shade.

Rhodium-plated silver bracelets use an electroplating process to plate rhodium on them. The cleaned silver accessory is placed in a bath with a rhodium solution. This whole process is done to make a piece of perfect jewelry for you so you can enjoy the pureness and beauty of your accessories.

Tiye Jewelry offers a wide range of rhodium plated silver jewelry so you can select from a large collection and find the perfect one that fits your style. We believe in minimalist and simple designs that can give you an elegant look.

Why Rhodium Plate Sterling Silver Bracelet?

Tarnish Free Silver Bracelet

One of the factors of silver is that it tarnishes very easily, developing a dark layer over time same as rust. As a result, silver must be frequently polished to retain its glossy shine. Rhodium, on the other hand, is highly tarnishing resistant and does not tarnish, stain or change color. By plating silver with rhodium, tarnishing can be avoided. You can enjoy your rhodium-plated silver bracelet for a long long time till it is included in your collection.

Higher Luster of Accessories

Although sterling silver by itself can be shining and reflective when plated, rhodium-plated silver has a higher shine and whiteness which lasts longer than an unplated bracelet. This also gives your silver bracelet a modern look. If you prefer your bracelet to look modern and shinier for a long time then buying a rhodium-plated silver bracelet will be a good move to make for your next jewelry shop.

Increases Durability of Bracelets

When the silver is rhodium plated, the durability of the jewelry is increased. Rhodium is a hard metal, unlike silver which is quite a soft texture. Rhodium plating reduces the possibility of the accessory gaining blemishes, making the piece more resistant to blemishes.

Tiye Jewelry's Rhodium Plated Silver Jewelry Collection

Tiye Jewelry crafts each piece to help every woman make that lasting unforgettable impression, we select these accessories with love and compassion for you as per your taste so you can feel cherished and enjoy every moment of your life with beauty and elegance. 

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